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Your homepage in Germany


Many European companies would like to create a homepage in German, a German homepage or a homepage for Germany. Other companies would like to improve their existing German homepage.

One option is to employ a translation office to translate the texts and contents of your homepage.

Unfortunately, we had to realize that on many homepages, which were translated for Germany and / or in German, many errors are included.


Native speaker is a must


There are several reasons for mistakes in the translation of a homepage into the German language. One reason for this is that the German homepage was not translated in Germany.

The best translations of a homepage in German can be expected from a native speaker who lives in Germany and who is actively involved with marketing, sales and the internet every day.


Business knowledge required and other skills


For the quality of your homepage in German it is very important that your partner can not only write and speak excellent German. Also important ist, that your partner knows about  business, marketing, advertising, sales, publishing and the Internet.

Panther Marketing Services has these skills. We are working as an advertising and internet agency for small and medium-sized companies in Germany, Italy and Spain. For some of our customers, we also undertake public relations and press work.

If you would like to create your own homepage in German, a German homepage or a homepage for Germany or improve your existing German homepage, you should talk to us.

We are not a typical translation company, but an advertising agency. Our strengths are advertising-effective German texts and content and the maintenance of homepages.

We can translate your homepage into German or even build and maintain your German homepage.

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Your homepage in Germany. Your homepage in German.

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